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Stevie Barr:
Musician, Entertainer, Entrepreneur, and Family Man

Stevie was born in 1975 in Galax Virginia. He started playing music at the age of 4 and was performing on stage by age 7. He is the son of World renowned musical instrument maker, Tom Barr, whom started Barrs Fiddle Shop over 40 years ago in 1979 and currently has built over 1200 music instruments. Stevie Barr has performed for a United States President, The Queen of England, and a Virginia Governors Inaugural Celebration. He has traveled all over the world showcasing the enriched musical talents of Southwest Virgina. Stevie is the host of a radio show that airs every Monday night at 8:00pm on local Galax radio station, Classic Country 98.1FM. The show titled “The Crooked Road Show”, airs live and is one of the first radio programs to showcase artists live on radio and facebook at the same time. Stevie invites regional bands and talented artists to join him in the studio and attracts listeners from around the world.

This website is a concept that brings all of Stevie’s exciting entities, ideas, and creations down to one site. There are four buttons above to choose from:  Barrs Fiddle Shop/Barrs Music, BlueridgeDJ, Music Clearance Store, and Blue 58 Band. Go to Barrs Fiddle Shop and see a world of many music instruments and supplies. The Music Clearance Store is where you can browse a catalog of new and vintage clearance instruments and supplies. Visit Blueridge DJ and learn how you can have Stevie Barr come and DJ or host a party, reception, small gathering, karaoke, or even a wedding event. Last (but surely not least) is the Blue 58 Band site where you can learn all about Stevie’s wonderful sounding bluegrass band featuring Jeanette and Johnny Williams from Southwest Virginia.

Explore this website and let Stevie provide all your needs for music instruments, supplies, and entertainment. Come join Stevie in this amazing journey and experience over 40 years of heritage, culture, and music from the mountains of Southwest Virginia!